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Have you ever wished there were more hours in the day? More time for you to enjoy the evening and weekends knowing the paper work is in hand ...


This was the catalyst for starting Business Buddies in 2010 when we began supporting an electrician and a financial advisor.


We're a team of administration experts based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, who provide support for small businesses like yours.

Support that gives you extra time to focus on your job, or simply enjoying the time you get back.

And because we don’t operate from big offices with lots of staff and company overheads, we’re able to keep our fees modest, and our services personal.

If you think you could benefit from low cost administration and support get in touch and we can discuss over a coffee.




Sarah has over 25 years of administration experience, becoming a Virtual Assistant was a no brainer. Sarah has excellent communication skills, an eye for detail, is very organised, and most of all enjoys the pleasure of helping others! Sarah understands the operational side of running a company is complex: maintaining cashflow, keeping the books up to date, managing customer and prospect engagement, the list goes on … 

"At Business Buddies we work passionately to help our clients reduce the time they spend on administration."


Lindsey is a QuickBooks and excel whizz who loves nothing more than a good spreadsheet. When not helping clients, Lindsey spends time with her family and likes nothing more than a Krispy Kreme with a cup of tea, which of course will not be shared with anyone; Lindsey does not share food!! Lindsey is the organised one.

"Our clients know they can depend on us to help them quickly and efficiently."


"I was referred to Business Buddies by an electrician because I was struggling to keep on top of my paperwork.  They initially helped me with my accounts, VAT and CIS submissions, and continue to provide me with updates on a weekly basis.  This allows me to spend less time in the office and more time at project sites and with my clients."

How Business Buddies can help you

With professional experts supporting your business, you will have more 'free' time and more money with which to spend during it.


Whether that's relaxing in the evenings (rather than doing paperwork) or finding new business we're here to help you achieve the goals you've set out for yourself.

  • Marketing that can help you generate more business​​.

  • Administration that can help you reduce time spent on paperwork.​​

  • Bookkeeping that helps you keep an eye on cash flow,

  • Accountancy that helps you manage your finances and avoid late payment penalities.

Let's have a chat

Got a question? We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message and we'll respond within 1 working day.

01256 630383

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