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Save time and money

If you think getting help with your bookkeeping, marketing and administration is a luxury you can't afford then we’re happy to prove you wrong, here’s why.

Save money ...
Bookkeeping does not require a qualification in accountancy and so you shouldn't pay through the nose for it. We can provide you the same standard of work but at a fraction of the cost.

Save time ...
Getting quotes and invoices out in good time keeps the projects and cash coming in, but it can be time consuming, and a distraction. We can manage the paperwork while you concentrate on the projects.

Win more business ...
Who needs a website!? Well, you do. It serves us your contact card and salesperson all in one. It doesn’t need to be extensive or expensive but you’ll find it helps you win more business.

How we help you

Office Work


Save time

We can help you get your invoices and quotes sent in hours rather than days or weeks. Or perhaps you need a job advert posting, suppliers chased or your diary managed. If you're struggling with day to day admin tasks, we can help you.

Men with Calculator


Save money

When running a business, you need records - give us that bag of receipts and we’ll record and file each one, online. And by becoming a little more organised you may uncover you’re entitled to some extra rebates you may not have been aware of.

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Win more business

Want to generate new business, increase referrals from existing customers, or promote a new service? Then we can help you. Websites, content, flyers, adverts ... you name it, we've done it - and we'll get you results too.

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Avoid fines

Fines for getting your returns in late are needless. In 2018, 750,000 people missed the tax return deadline - that's £75,000,000 out of the pocket of people like you and straight to the taxman (don't let this be you!).



Get paid quicker

QuickBooks helps you get paid faster, improving cash-flow and payment predictability. It's also extremely easy to use and available at the touch of a button. With our help, you could also save at least 8 hours a day in administration.

"Business Buddies have taken a huge weight off my shoulders and allowed me to focus on gaining more work, without them, my business wouldn’t be the size it is today."

Jay Wright, Owner, J.Wright Electrical


Let's have a chat

Got a question? We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message and we'll respond within 1 working day.

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