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Save time, save money

We remove the administation  headache of running a business.

"we're no longer getting fined for late HMRC submissions, and they're also helping us increase billing from project extras."

Ray, Director, Creative Build Solutions

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We can help you get your invoices and quotes sent in hours rather than days or weeks. Or perhaps you need a job advert posting, suppliers chased or your diary managed. If you're struggling with day to day admin tasks, we can help you.

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If you think bookkeeping is something expensive accountants do you’re not alone. But leave it with us and we’ll take care of your bookkeeping in the exact same way - it won’t cost you a fraction as much but the results are exactly the same.

Business Meeting

Having an accountant you can trust gives you a partner you can rely on to help keep your business operating above board. The fact we'll help you identify areas for financial improvement and things you can do to reduce admin are a bonus.


Flexible business support whenever you need

"Our clients have come to appreciate the fact that we’re not a 9-5 business. They know we’ll answer calls and emails late into the evening - even at weekends, to ensure everything gets done on time."

Lindsey Spurway, Director, Business Buddies

Reduce the cost of your bookkeeping and get 8 hours of your life back

As a Quickbooks gold partner, working with Business Buddies gives you 4 advantages:

  1. Using QuickBooks online costs you far less than hiring a bookkeeper.

  2. At a click of a button you have access to all financial records.

  3. It’s easy to set up and use.

  4. And we can do this for you hassle free.


You’ll get back at least 8 hours a month not to mention the hundreds of pounds you'll save.


Low cost  administration and bookkeeping

"We’re a team of two: myself, Sarah, and my business partner, Lindsey. Because we don’t operate from big offices with large staff and company overheads, we’re able to keep our fees modest, and our services personal."


Sarah Lonnon, Director, Business Buddies

Earn more money

(by reducing the time you spend on administration)

Before hiring us, each of our clients faced a similar challenge:

spending too much time on administration and not enough time bringing in money.

But with our help, each has increased their income and reduced the time spent on admin.

And we can do the same for you.

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“Business Buddies gave us tons of fresh ideas about how to grow and develop our business, and today, we are thriving like never before. I’d never be in the position I’m in now without their amazing ideas and support.”

Paul McFarlane, Director

Let's chat

Got a question? We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message and we'll respond within 1 working day.

01256 630383

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