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A ridiculously simple way to win your customers heart, and their wallet

>> Something so simple it will take less than 2 minutes of your time <<

Sometimes the best tricks in business are so blindly obvious that we miss them. And today's business tip is no different.

It's something anyone in any profession can do, and it will increase the chances of winning repeat business five-fold.

All it requires is some digits on a hand, and a phone. Got those? Good, then read on.

When you receive a good service it sticks in your memory.

Could be a pleasant and polite waiter or waitress in a restaurant providing great service ...

Or proactive follow up from your insurance company on a case you might have with them ...

Or having your TV satellite company phoning to let you know about available offers as a long-term customer ...

And if this is offered to you without being asked, it becomes a pleasant surprise.

A solicitor I'd used for some work a while ago offered a free will writing service to thank me for the business. A small, but well received, gesture.

This then sticks in your mind and is easily brought forward whenever someone asks for recommendations.

Today's small business tip is: Check in with your customers post project.

When a project or piece of work is finished, nearly any business will simply move on to the next thing, wiping the previous customer from mind.

Don't do this. There's still value. Do this instead ...

Pick up the phone and call your customer a little while after finishing. You'll have just one question to ask: 'Is everything ok?' Or words to that effect.

You're proactively checking in with them. Looking to confirm they are happy with everything. And perhaps you can help them with a question or two.

They will appreciate your proactivity and will remember you for it. You may find they even want you back in for another piece of work!

All it takes is 2 minutes of your time. So, if you have any projects recently finished, why don't you pick up the phone to those customers now. Check in on them. Find out how they're doing.

Why don't you do it right now while it's at the front of your mind.

Best, Lindsey

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