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Do you have a trusted business partner?

When it comes to business, it’s important to surround yourself with people you trust, wouldn’t you agree?

People you can rely on to take the weight off your shoulders.

People you can lean on when times get tough.

People you can confide in during times of uncertainty.

Do you have anyone, or perhaps even a team, like this?

If so, like me, you’re one of a lucky few.

And I consider myself blessed.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to holiday with my family in Turkey. A pleasure given the current restrictions.

And while I was away for those 11 precious days, my wonderful business partner Lindsey steered the good ship Business Buddies.

I know how hard it was. And I know, and appreciate, how hard she worked.

But the only reason it was possible to take those 11 days off was because of the trust we have in each other.

Now, I’ve known Lindsey for over 20 years, and we’ve been business partners for 10 of those. But it’s at times like these when you really appreciate the trusted relationships you have.

Lindsey and I are best friends – and our families spend time together - but our business has drawn us closer together.

We understand the different strengths we have, which we use to complement each other and the

And we’re often able to second guess each other.

It can be slightly unnerving, but it means work gets done quickly, and we’re able to rely on each other always.

In fact, our clients love this camaraderie because it doesn’t matter which of us they’re speaking to or working with, they know they’ll get the same great level of business support.

If you have someone you trust implicitly keep them close. And appreciate what you have.



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