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What stands between you and winning new projects?

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

New projects don't drop into your lap.

You have to work for them.

There's a saying I love to roll out for occasions such as these ...

"The harder I work the luckier I get"

But, thankfully for you, winning more projects is easier than you might think. And it follows on nicely from yesterday's business tip: The early bird catches the ... next job.

If you're like many of the business owners we work with, you likely spend what seems an age putting your quotes together (unless we're doing it for them of course). This is the hard part. The following up is easy. It's also what will increase your chances of winning the work. All it requires is a phone call. Yet this is what many fail to do in good time. So ...

Today's tip is: follow up the day after sending your quote.

You might think this is over eager. Or perhaps shows desperation. Hush ... Put such negative thoughts to one side for a moment and consider this ...

Which scenario looks better?

a) Following up a week or two later (or not at all)

b) Following up the day after

In scenario A you'd be accused of not really caring enough to bother following up in good time. Perhaps you're too busy: "Is this the sort of tardiness we can expect with our project!?". And what happens if another company does follow up promptly - who do you think is more likely to win the project?

In scenario B you're already demonstrating a keenness for the work. You're showing that the customer is front of your mind. You care.

Which scenario leaves the better impression?

And in following up you don't need to be pushy. You don't even need to leave with a yes/no answer. Just take the time to ask simple things such as whether they have any questions, or whether there's anything they'd like to discuss. You're then engaging them further personally without being salesly.

First experiences count best, but it doesn't hurt if the second experience is equally brilliant.

Best, Lindsey

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