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Think of Friday

We work with a lot of tradesmen and construction companies, and one in particular has, or at least did have (before lockdown), an ingeniously simple way to motivate his team.

His method of motivation is simple and yet drives everyone to work their socks off throughout the week.

And don't their customers just love them for it!

Their hard graft gives the customers a sense of 'value for money'. As a result, referrals are constant and work and cash flow is, well, flowing. So, how do they do it?

Today's tip is: think of Friday.

Two things really ...

The first is that every Friday, without fail, off the guys march to their regular cafe for a morning fry up. Which the boss pays for.

Then, fuelled with coffee and calories, off to the job they go.

By 15:30 on the dot, tools are downed, and off to the pub they go. And the boss buys the first round. Every time.

His guys work their backsides off all week, putting in real graft, because they have a weekly incentive to look forward to. It's not much. But when your hands are sore, your bodies knackered and you need a rest, you can picture - almost taste - the pint, that someone else is buying, as it welcomes you into the weekend.

It costs the boss very little, but the results are significant. Happier customers, providing more referrals for jobs that provide bigger profits (because the team is getting work done faster).

So, if you're looking for an easy and cheap way to incentivise the troops, take them down the pub ... when you can of course.

Best, Lindsey

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