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Your number one source of new business is this

>> And it will cost you absolutely nothing <<

Your customers are your best source of work.

Do a good job and you'll be front of the line for new projects.

Do a good job and they'll sing your praises whenever the opportunity arises.

Do a good job and you're assured of new work for years to come.

And the best thing is, it costs you absolutely nothing extra.

The technical term for this is word of mouth marketing.

But really it's just doing a good job.

And keeping the customer happy.

But there's something many people forget to do to.

It's something very simple, but often overlooked. And it's this:

If you're happy with the work ...

And your customer is happy with the work ...

Today's small business tip is: Ask whether your customer would recommend you.

Providing everyone is happy, this isn't as foward an ask as you might think.

And it gives your customer one of two options.

  1. They can say no. Which is unlikely given they are happy with the work.

  2. They can say yes.

If they say yes, this takes you to the clinching question:

"Is there anyone you know now, who could use my help?"

Given they've already said 'yes' to recommending you, this bit is much easier.

What you're looking for is your customer to give you names and contact details.

Names you can either contact yourself - with your customers approval of course.

Or, better still, contacts your customer is happy to contact themselves for you.

I love this business tip because, as I've said, it costs you nothing to do.

It also takes very little time.

So, the next time you finish a job, don't forget to ask your customer:

"Woud you recommend my services?"

Best, Lindsey

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