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"Did you really fall through that hole?"

You hear about it all the time, don't you?

People jumping out in front of cars in order to claim damages from the victim, albeit through their insurers.

The victim 'slipping' on the wet surface and not being able to work as a result.

The driver who brakes a little too suddenly at the stop lights in order to get hit from behind because whiplash pays handsomely.

This is not to say there aren't a whole host of valid claims on the basis of an accident, or in working with a negligible employer ...

It's just that this field is muddied by charlatans out there looking for an easy way to make a few quid.

We once heard of a company who was involved just such a case.

In this instance, the 'victim' fell through a hole in the scaffold that led to an injury keeping them off work.

The company continued to pay their wages as they recuperated, but the victim wanted to pursue damages as well.

It transpires the victim had paid a colleague some money to act as a witness to the event.

And, in actual fact, the act of falling through the hole was pre-meditated.

The moral is that people are unpredictable. And depending on what your business is, staff turnover might be high enough for you to never really get to know each individual.

You might simply never know what they might be capable of.

But this story serves as a lesson to make sure you have every base covered when it comes to insurance.

Because you can never be too careful.

Best, Sarah

P.S. Want to know what happened to the charlatan? Drop me an email and I'll let you know.

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