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Lose the jargon and keep things simple

I closed my eyes and reimagined my evening ...

In front of me arrived a bowl of Rice Krispies and a marmite smothered crumpet to see me through.

I wonder if I reimagine my bank balance it will swell to a Jeff Bezos eye watering wallet busting size?

And if I squeeze my eyes tight and reimagine hard, my kids will get up and sort themselves out in the mornings?

Too much. I pushed reimagining too far.

But some have tried to push it further still ...

I recently saw a TV advert for a car that helps you reimagine driving. I sat there waiting for the wings to pop open and for it to fly off chitty chitty bang bang style.

I was left disappointed.

I've just seen an article asking you to attend an event and reimagine project management.

Followed by another inviting you to reimagine finance.

I'm beginning to think a weird cult is at hand. Using their powers of influence to display ‘reimagine’ in line with something you could never actually reimagine - the word acting like a hypnotic trigger. I'll know for sure if my husband has to slap me out of a chicken clucking stupor.

Whatever happens one thing is certain ...

Reimagine has been turned into meaningless jargon.

And I've a sudden craving for corn.

Today's small business advice is: avoid jargon.

Avoid using words your customers are unlikely to understand.

Speak in a way anyone will get.

Winston Churchill summed it up best when he said: "Use simple words everyone knows, then everyone will understand".

Best, Sarah

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